About me

I was born in Madrid (Spain) in 1978. I obtained my degree in Chemistry in 2000 at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM). In the last year of my degree I started researching in the synthesis of antitumoral cis-platinum complexes and its biological activity in the Department of Inorganic Chemistry and the Molecular Biology Department at the UAM. After that experience I decided to move to the area of Electrochemistry and started my PhD in the Department of Chemistry and the Department of Organic Chemistry in the electrosynthesis and chemical characterisation of conducting polymers that led me to obtain my MSc/MPhil in 2002.

In that year I spent 6 months as a visitor researcher in the Group of Prof. Laurie Peter at the University of Bath (United Kingdom), where I first came into contact with nanostructured electrodes and electrochromics. During that time I learnt different electrochemical and optical techniques to characterise and prepare nanoporous metal oxide electrodes and electrocromic devices. I really liked that topic and when I returned to Spain I decided to join in 2003 the Photovoltaic and Optoelectronic Devices Group of Prof. Juan Bisquert at the Universitat Jaume I of Castellón that at that time was one of the only groups researching in this area in Spain.

I contributed there to the development of physical models to characterise the optoelectronic properties of a-WO3, to understand the electrochemical properties of conducting polymers and the physical mechanisms governing the operation of viologen-based electrochromics. On the other hand I also performed studies on solar cells, especially dye-sensitized solar cells by means of Impedance Spectroscopy, Voltage Decays and other photophysical techniques. In 2006 I obtained my PhD based on the results in the electrochromic area.

After my PhD I was offered a position as a R&D Manager in the recently created spin-off company Xop Física S. L. in the Science Park of the Universitat Jaume I for the development of soil moisture, conductivity and temperature sensors based on transparent conductive oxides. In 2011, I returned to the academic environment in the area of thermoelectrics and I joined the group of Dr. Gao Min at Cardiff University where I worked in the fabrication of thermoelectric modules for high temperature applications and the development of characterisation techniques and instrumentation for thermoelectric devices and materials. Additionally, I also carried on working in the area of dye-sensitized solar cells in collaboration with other universities.

In September 2015, I returned to the Universitat Jaume I in Spain and joined the Polymers and Advanced Materials group as a Ramón y Cajal fellow. Here I have founded the Thermal and Electrical Systems Laboratory and I lead different research lines in thermoelectrics. I am also involved in other research activities related to the characterisation of Li-ion batteries and corrosion.

During my career as a researcher I have co-authored numerous papers in international journals, I am co-inventor of several patents and I have participated in several national and European research projects.


I have many hobbies that I enjoy in my leisure time. Specially I like music and sports. As far as music is concerned, I really love live music, and in fact I have seen many bands playing live in different cities, mostly rock groups. My favourite group is Marillion, they are unique musicians playing authentic music. Apart from attending concerts I have also acted some few times as a promoter bringing bands to play live at different venues. Finally, I conduct a musical radio program in Spain that it is broadcasted weekly.

Regarding sports I like particularly racket sports such as squash, badminton and frontenis. The latter is my favourite but it is not widespread and I cannot play it in many countries such as the UK, so when it is not available I play squash or badminton.

Apart from the above I love cooking, watching movies and series and travelling to new places.