31 October 2019

UncorrelaTEd: A New Project to Destroy the Seebeck Coefficient-Electrical Conductivity Correlation

The thermoelectric research team at Universitat Jaume I has been recently awarded a European H2020 FET-Open project titled "Solid-liquid thermoelectric systems with uncorrelated properties (UncorrelaTEd)" that will start in January 2020.

The project aims at breaking the Seebeck coefficient-electrical conductivity adverse correlation that severely limits the thermoelectric power factor and hence the figure of merit (efficiency) of thermoelectirc materials. This will be achieved employing solid-liquid hybrid systems, as shown in our first publication on this idea.
More details about the project, including the partners involved, can be found at the Cordis project website. In the coming months the project website and social networks will be open.