06 July 2012

Nanohub: A very useful nanoscience website

I have recently discovered a really useful and interesting website dedicated to nanoscience and nanotechnology: nanohub. It pays attention to many aspects of nanotechnology: simulation tools, dissemination, teaching, collaboration, publishing, etc. It really covers nanoscience as a whole, including all disciplines (chemistry, physics, engineering, etc.) and it is well organised, clear and with the most recent web technology. It offers a large amount of resources from courses, workshops, lectures and seminars, all recorded, up to a huge amount of simulations for structures, transport coefficients, key parameters, etc.
I found this website when I was looking for some background regarding the microscopic view of thermoelectricity, which is really difficult to find in the web and textbooks, may be due to the fact that the physics of thermoelectrics, at least bulk materials, is known since some decades ago. On this respect I found very useful the lectures from the course Near-Equilibrium Transport: Fundamentals and Applications by Mark Lundstrom. You can learn the basics of thermoelectricity transport coefficients from them.

There are lots of more information available I have not explored in detail, but I will do it for sure. Do not hesitate to have a look to it either if you are student, researcher or professor, it is helpful for everyone and all disciplines.